Sunday, September 4, 2016

GP and JPC 2016

GP and Japanese qualifying has over. Here are my recaps.

First, about Puzzle GP. My feeling after the first round was that, point distribution was great as if it reflected on the testing time of someone, who may be little a bit bad at Latin types. So in the following rounds, I interpreted points in this way, and this went well in general. And I believe that points do not include typing period.

Though distributions in each round were good, the difficulty of the rounds varied so much, and it should have affected on the "Best 6" choice. I think it is almost impossible to make it uniform.

About Casual section: frankly, I was bored at too many Masterminds in the first half, but thankfully many other types appeared in the latter. I was able to enjoy it casually (, making many errors after the Competitive section).

My question goes to the structure of General section. It was easy to find that time bonus in the Competitive section was "double-counted". Somehow I won this section, but I do not know if this is valid.

In the end, about my result: it is good that I made only one Competitive error, which occurred in the first round. I was not perfect even when I won, but at least there were no major errors in these rounds. On the other hand, my troubles in Round 7 and 8 were clearly one puzzle each: Dominoes in Round 7 and Domino Construction in Round 8. I used surprising 30 minutes in the latter. I need to fix this tendency.

There is no information about the final yet. Now I just hope that I will be in good condition in Senec.

Next, about our national qualifying. This year, our first round was JPC, which included some Sudoku, and qualified players moved on to the selection contests of WPC and WSC. Major troubles were:
- Piece puzzle in JPC was completely same as the one in 2008. I did not know, and I did not expect this kind of trouble.
- Rendering error in WPC selection, which resulted in multiple answers. I found a solution with a wrong assumption.
- Instruction error in WPC selection, which was announced as free points for all players. I did not notice the announce and solved it.

Other than them, I have questions to the meaning of JPC. All contests were online, thus there was no need to reduce players. And I think JPC did not contain enough Sudoku, if this is used as a part of WSC selection.

Let's move on to the result. My ranks in selection contests were, 5th for WSC and 1st for WPC. I did my best even for WSC, but others did better. I am okay with this result. I will use WSC to get accustomed to the environment. So A-team for WSC is same as in London. I believe they will do well.

A-team for WPC is Hideaki, Kota, Taro and me. Taro will return! Everyone won some major world title. I am looking forward to compete with this teammates.

So, let's meet in Senec! Before that, now I am struggling with our puzzle book....

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