Sunday, September 11, 2016

24HPC 2016

Like last year, we solved 24HPC on May 3-4. Recently I managed to have time to solve the remaining. I do not remember my strategies clearly, so here are just a few comments.
Scores are here. Note that my skipping round was my best result, with the suggestion from Kota.

Round 1
Nice theme. I do not understand if Strangely as ABC have logical path.

Round 2
2-cell error in the 2nd Missing Magnets: my last solved puzzle.
Good to solve some unfamiliar types. I should have solved Anti-Magnets.

Round 3
Just a peace. Rock Scissors Paper seems to be preferred in Japan.

Round 4
Suffered from irregular grids. Classic-first strategy was better.
I remember that I ignored the range 1~8 in Japanese Sums.

Round 5
I had to hurry in ABCtje, and that caused a minor error.
Logical Kropki is so comfortable.

Round 6
2-cell error in Minesweepers with Duds, and I found another error in Minesweepers. So my true score is 685.
The trouble was that I gave up Magnets on my half way.

Round 7
The rendering should be improved.
In my experience, Shikaku with so many even clues tend to be unique because of the restriction from parity, sometimes accidentally.

Round 8
High-pointers are my favorite. Maybe some of middle-pointers were harder for me.

Round 9
Major error in cheap Countries.
Sudoku always reduce my time in such sets. Some types are still unfamiliar to me.

Round 10
Good difficulty this year.
I thought a spell as "Edison"; I have never heard the N is written/pronounced in Japanese.

Round 11
Tough round. My worst decision was that I tried Foursome and got nothing.

Round 12
Error in Banknotes. I could not finish the last steps of Skeleton.
Large Tapa LITS and Masyu Battleships are especially awesome.

Round 13
No problem, as usual.
I do not know if the logic I used in the small Kropki was intended path.

Round 14
Made a major error.
Belgian V-W Regions were interesting.

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