Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Toketa? Selection

Here are some notes about my creations for Toketa? Selection.
I made 3 puzzles, which were distributed from the remaining pool (, avoiding some types).

Araf 1:
Prepared to match the harder one. I intended easy and logical path, and a bit of aesthetics as a spice. I was anxious when I got multiple "less than a minute with intuition" feedbacks, but it seems okay in the whole set.

Graffiti Snake 2:
Free creation. Intended first step is "the center cell must be white from topological reason". This is not required, and hard to figure out, but a rewarding back door, at least.

Max Arrow Castle Wall 1:
Again prepared after the second one, and again, my object was easy one. The path is narrow but simple, and you don't need to count more than 3!

I feared that the test was decided by intuitive ones, and there were some exchanges between practice and test. I think it was an acceptable level as a result. For me, the best way to do with intuitive puzzle is to be better at logical part and leave enough time to be intuitive (, or move on to whole-check mode).


  1. When I read your hint for Graffiti Snake, I though that must be a tricky deduction, but looking back it seems quite obvious! Still I managed to miss that on the test, I broke in with the row of 1s, and having that 5 block at the bottom just seemed to work out nicely.

    1. It seems 1s are good starting point, as testers (including authors) did in the same way.
      Congrats on your victory! I expected your good result, and you did quite well, especially in Angle Loop.