Sunday, January 31, 2016

Puzzle Video

GP 2016 has started. I have some random thoughts about Casual/Competitive sections and normalization, but it should be better to keep them until the end. Now I just want to say that I am wondering the meaning of "competitive solver".

Since last year, precisely since the week of UKSC and JNPC, I have recorded my solving in competitions. At first, this is because of interest to myself, but they tell me many things. For example, from this (taken from the latest GP round) I can learn how I made the error. Targeting 70 minutes was enough for me to change my safety-solving into hurry-solving, and to create unknown word.

I don't know this has any benefits to others, but here I try sharing this once.

By the way, Toketa? Selection is held in LMI now. I hope you enjoy the test. Maybe I will write something about my puzzle(s).


  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing! It would be more so if I had something to compare to. I've considered doing this myself before, it certainly seems like it could be helpful.

    1. One of my motivations to share was that I was surprised at different style of noting when I saw your solving in Sofia (it was Magic Summer, probably before GP Final).
      Now I am planning to continue to share, at least in this PGP series.

    2. I wonder what special notation I might have for Magic Summer... Taking apart the sums digit by digit perhaps?

      Anyway, I took the cue and tried to record myself this time around; unfortunately I failed quite badly at this, with shaky video that only has the top half of the page. I'll have to improve that for the next round.

    3. I think you used dots and hyphens in the grid. Probably not special for you, but it was funny for me.

      Looking forward to watching your solving, and good luck in the following rounds!

    4. I uploaded this failed recording anyway:

    5. Wow, great solving. I feel familiarity with your drawing borders between cells in Loop/Path types.

      Here is mine: