Monday, August 10, 2015

GP 2015 and the result of JPC

GP 2015 was over. I will talk about the puzzle side as usual.

From my experience, the difficulty of each round was well balanced, its quality is almost surprising. Only Round 8 was on the easy side for me, but looking at overall result, it seems to be no problem.

About puzzles: when I saw the larger grids in the first round, I feared that this series would be a bit monotonous, but it was the character of that round in the end. All round had their character.
Speaking more about some rounds, I felt typing in Round 3 was too much. The theme of Round 7 was not preferable even if it was mentioned. It was not of pure logic, and I think it can have cultural aspects. Creating puzzles with such solutions is a good effort, but I think they should have better places to be shown.

The choice of the puzzle types was also good. Maybe LITS was too much, though. It would be better if the point distribution was more balanced between each type.

I want to say more about non-puzzle thing. Since there were many puzzles, I want to know beforehand how many pages puzzlebooklet is. And PGP included point table, whereas SGP did not. This was inconvenient.

Scrolling answer form was tedious. This was also because of the quantity of puzzles. Basically, I solve in the order, and submit less time, so I could reduce my scrolling time, but I felt it could lead to some errors. Hope some changes, if possible.

Finally, about my performance. I lost many points in the first half from errors, so I checked so carefully in the latter half. It was not comfortable, but of importance. I think I have a good advantage, but I still suspect that this came from high bonus ratio.

The next is about Japanese qualification. My rank was 5th in JNPC and 3rd in JPC, completely as I desired. The problem is that both contests were not well organized. JNPC had 2 image errors, and 61pts/600 was added to all participants. JPC was worse, it was too easy. My final score was 870, which I submitted in 105min/150. Last 30 points were determined by luck. Long way to improve.

Due to JPC ranking, there would be some changes in the seats of GP finals. And I decided to compete in WSC officially. I need to prepare for my toughest week ever.

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