Sunday, July 19, 2015

JZC 2015

After JdZdC 2014, JZC 2015 was held in March. You can see puzzles here.
Maybe Round8 is useful for the 24HPC Japanese Round, isn't it?

This year, I prepared Round4 with Takeya. This round includes Classic Nurikabe and 3 variations.
Rules of variations are,
Overlapping:  each grid should be valid as Nurikabe
Pairs: from MellowMelon
Borderline: numbers on the edge must be placed in one of the two neighboring cells

And about bonus puzzles:
Top left: Classic Nurikabe
Top right: Pairs
Bottoms: as you can see from names and images

My main targets this year were,
To use hard classic logic and
To make intuitive Classic
In fact, both are I tried for a long time.

"Hard logic" is just reuse of what I know well, and some Japanese should be especially familiar with this logic. So the second target was rather harder, and I fully used my knowledge about how this type can be unique. I relied on solver for checking, and thanks to it, I think I obtained some new insights. They should be useless, though!

And I also made a Tapa for exhibition. As an exhibition puzzle, I tried to use some useful steps for competitions.

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