Friday, June 30, 2017

JZC 2017

JZC 2017 was held in March as usual. I prepared round 3 by myself. It consists of 3 hard puzzles. Here are some notes for each.

Warp [Regional]
Warp is the type I prepared for this event in 2014. You can see English instructions here. In addition to the classic rule, each shape (circle and square) should contain the digits of the given range once.

From rob. Definitely this was the cause of its appearance in qualifying test. Original harder version is here.

The rule appeared in 2005.
Rule: Place the digits from the given range. Each cell contains 2 digits. A cell 'A B' means that the digit 'A' appears 'B' times in the same row and column, ignoring its own cell.
Original version is here.

At first, I intended to publish much more tough puzzles here, but they will appear in another place in the near future.

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