Monday, February 20, 2017

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A few notes about these days;

・I bought a new computer after Senec, and then joined in crocopuzzle. Still struggling with ten key and croco applet.

・Last month, I went to South Korea for East Asia Sudoku Championship. Puzzles were great, better if I was not in error-mode; 6 errors in 5 rounds are frankly too much.

・New GP series has begun. Like last year, here is my solving video (Sorry for late publishing).  I still record almost all of the other contests, but I do not know if they are in demand. Tell me if you want to watch something.

Talking about my results,  partial bonus is not clean to win, of course.

・Now I am working on Toketa and JZC. I think I will publish some leftovers of JZC, probably in the next month.

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